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Making Money has been my Profession

Making money has been my profession ever since I completed my Bachelors’ degree in Architecture. Be patient and know what I have to say. I studied Architecture so that I can get a good job and earn a living. But I am not that kind who wanted a job and so thought of setting up my architectural practice and very soon I learnt that it was not the right thing to do. But then what else to do, it was driven deep in my head by the society I live in, that having studied Architecture I have to make my living as an architect. I love architecture and would have loved to practice it as a hobby. I didn’t want to corrupt that noble art for the sake of money. But I had to and continued with it, and that got me nowhere. Sure I survived practicing Architecture got myself all the comforts that I needed. But that didn’t satisfy me.

Internet Marketing Can Set Me Free

Church At Guntur
A design of mine soon to be constructed. This church is to seat 10000

I like to be free to do what I want to and be where ever I want to be. The buildings that I did, did give me satisfaction when I saw its outcome. But all through my mind was always in the look out to find another root and escape from the present scenario. Internet attracted me and I know there are many people out there living the life of their dreams using the internet and the latest technology. Even I wanted to find my niche and live that kind of life they are living.

I have tried plenty of stuff and have jumped from program to program unable to sell any stuff success seemed impossible. I realized that I need to find a good product from a good company and stick with it till I succeed. Here I am not alone. I have come across many who have had dreams like me and gone through all that I had gone through and now they do not believe Internet marketing works and are skeptical even if some thing free comes their way. It is really a Herculean task to make them pull out of their wallet and extend their credit card.

The Numerous MLM Offers

There are a numerous MLM offers these days from veteran marketers offering signups and referrals with their offers. Some others are guarantying signups with their offers using proven companies with good standing like National Wealth Center, Pure Leverage, Four Corners, and many many such good MLM offers out there in the internet.

However good the product and compensation plan is, it is not easy to get people to sign up easily. It is no more selling products but is selling ourselves.  Building up relationship with them before attempting to sell any thing has to be the way that will lead you to sales. The people are so well informed and information is at their finger tips. So it is a big struggle to find people and to make them to buy anything. For those who have a mailing list and have been in constant communication with their list, selling is just a cake walk.

So it is very essential to build first a mailing list.

The easiest way to get your list is to give away some thing in exchange for their name and email id. I am using “All in one profits” for some time to build my list, a platform with fantastic products like premium web hosting, professional auto responder, great splash page builder, a very high quality ad tracker, and many more great things that any one will need to build their list and an online business.

Anything free makes things easy.  What ever I am writing now, I can put it up in PDF and offer it as a free report on how to make money, in exchange for their Name and email ID. To give a product even if it is for free we need to send information to people and make them know that such and such a product is available for free. That is getting our product out in traffic. So we put up that information using a splash page or a squeeze page.  Here are an examples

You’ll get an Idea of what a splash page is for and what is its purpose, if you would click on that link above . It is mainly to capture name and email id of people who are interested in products that we are trying to sell. I am actually offering a free Ebook written by me from that link in exchange for you name and email id.

There is a saying among the internet marketers that money is in the list. There are people who just send a mail with some affiliate product to their list to pay up their mortgage, EMI, and their other expenses. So I am on the trip of building a list and am slowly but steadily building my list. As the saying goes the slow and the steady win the race I am inching towards my goal.

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