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Why am I making this Internet Marketing blog for the umpteenth time?

Well I’ve been trying to build my self a business on the net now for a long time and am in utter confusion.  What to do and where to begin has now become my dilemma every day. I know internet is where one can build a fortune in a very short span of time and I sure want to have my share of it as soon as possible, so with out giving up on my failures I want start all over again and that is why I am starting a new blog as a startup.

I do know about what happens in the internet marketing world. Everyday when  I open my mail I am bombarded with a ton of mails and everyone of them are offering some thing or the other that promises to take me to where I will be a millionaire. I know some of them are genuine and many others are not.

The genuine ones  can really help any one build a good and successful business on the internet provided we stick to it and do all that they tell you to do. Overnight success don’t come we need to do all that is needed to do and wait patiently. But there are too many of them programs out there on the internet and you don’t know which one to believe. I did buy some fake ones and lost plenty of money. The fake ones generally claim that every thing is automated here and you will not have to do any thing at all. Just join and your PayPal or whichever bank account associated with it will get flooded with dollars.

There is a lot of work to be done before any one can make any money with Internet Marketing. Just because it is on the internet the business model is in no way different from the conventional business model. You need to put up the stall and wait for people to come and see what you have to offer. It is just that your reach on the internet is world wide and the growth potential is enormous.

Which ever product you choose to go with for success you need to bring in traffic and two main sources to bring in traffic are Traffic Exchanges and Safe lists.  You will need to spend plenty of time and money to achieve the desired results of making a passive income. I joined plenty of traffic exchanges and safe-lists to begin with but found it very difficult to consistently be at it especially when it comes to safe-lists. Then I found Mailer Ninja and with that Safe list mailing became easy.

I will be covering all my experiences with internet marketing  though I haven’t had much success till date. Just because I did not succeed dose not mean that business on the internet or put it other way internet marketing does not work. It works very well and I will sooner or later find the code and get successful.


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