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A Desire To Succeed as an Internet Marketer!

Just the Mention of  Internet Marketing, puts off majority of people!

Show upI like this little poster and that is why I put it. That is a big motivator to me.  With out motivation no one moves forward. this article I am writing is to make you understand that if you set your mind to do any thing you will succeed.

Well coming to the point even with the advancement of internet and its producing many successful internet marketers, just the mention of  internet marketing puts majority of people off. People look satisfied to hold a job that pays them monthly. They go about cribbing about their job all the time dissatisfied as many of their needs are not met. They are not free to do what they want to and are controlled by their employers. Coming out and trying something new on the internet is something they don’t want to do. People have to first want a better life style and freedom to do what they want all the time. They should understand Internet as a platform for success. More than 3 billion people do some thing with the Internet on a daily basis.

The problem is not the internet or the product but YOU!

There are many extremely successful Internet Marketers I know. But I find more who have failed, trying to do Internet Marketing. The problem is not the internet or the product that they chose. It is because they failed in performing the tasks they are supposed to do on a consistent basis. They don’t perform and conclude that internet marketing won’t work. I was there in that same boat until recently, until I discovered that I should make a plan to work with. Having a plan makes me do my job as a regular job where I am my own boss as an entrepreneur  . As my own boss I have learn to be strict with my self.

Having too many products and offers in my hand I found it difficult to follow a  plan. So I decided to abandon all of them but one. I chose All In One Profits to work with.

Surely Push Button Cash Sites Don’t Work!

Surely by pushing a button no one can make money. I fell for one to begin my career as an internet marketer. I did learn a lot from that, like never to trust such offers was the first and most valuable lesson. It did have some learning material and I did learn how to build a word press based website and optimize it for the search engines to come etc. After realizing push button cash sites don’t work looked for other products on the net  got into many other products. They all sounded good. It is some time very hard to resist from those who are masters in enticing people to purchase their product. One of them from where I really learned a lot is Google Sniper. It taught me how to build a word press based niche websites. I did well to begin with and I was getting plenty of website visitors. Their SEO training is very good. When something new happens immediately their leaders would make new videos to teach new technique. I failed not because Google Sniper failed, but because I was inconsistent with my efforts, and jumped from there to different programs and lost track of what I was doing.

Almost all programs out there in the market are good. We fail because of our own short comings. This I realized and decided to just work on one of them. I chose All In One Profits because that provided me with all the tools that I need to promote whatever I need to promote for just 11 dollars  50 cents. It is global and has all the tools that I need. The best part is just with one sale it becomes FREE for me. Yes you read it right, they pay out 100% commission.

Desire to succeed is the Key!

So it is not my skill or how intelligent I am that enables me to pursue this, but it is my desire to succeed that is behind my doing all this. So if you do all the right promotions irrespective of what the program is you will succeed.  Do it with all your mind and soul and see how success will come after you. All the best. If you liked my blog and need to know anything more just put in your comment and  I’ll get in touch with you.

There are just 2 to 3% people out there on the net who are successful. So if you want to learn how to go about don’t, please do not listen to the advice of the 97% of people out there,  who for sure will never succeed. Not every one did climb Mount Everest. Only a handful who were willing to take all the hardship that goes with it have reached the top. There only intention was to reach the top and they did it. So can you only  if you are willing to do all that you need to do. So set yourself a goal and go for it. It is not easy but it is doable. All the best.

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