Get Started With Writing, Don’t Think You Can’t!

Where Can I Start To Write?

Here is an amazing way for any one to get started with their writing skills to make money on a regular basis. The site provides a good platform for people who needs articles and those who can write for them.

Writing may not be your fort and you may not even know that you can write. I am a big fan of the Noble Prize winner and a great song writer Bob Dylan. I sing plenty of his songs.

How Can YOU Know That You Can Write?

In a place called Shillong the capital of the state of Meghalaya in India, the people there annually celebrate Dylan’s birthday in a big way. They get many participants from all over the world to take part in their celebrations. The desire to take part in those celebrations over powered me and I took a flight and landed there and eventually even even took part in the celebrations as one of the singers.

So the following year being Dylan’s 70th birthday I attempted to write a tribute for him and sang it there. To my surprise it was well received by the crowd and that prompted me to write many more new song. Why I am writing about Dylan and me is to make the reader know that some hidden talents trapped inside, gets tapped and comes to surface only when it is tapped from the outside. So even if you have no prior experience in writing when you try writing that hidden talent of writing in you will surface and turn in to passion.

So What Should You Do Next?

Here is the link for you to join iWriter.

So go and register with iWriter and once you are logged in look for the tab “write content” and click on that. You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose from a list of different article needs. The iWriter site is a very user friendly and you can find video tutorials teaching how to use the site. I wish you success in writing articles and hope you develop in to a most wanted writer on the net.

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Your Initial Steps in Internet Marketing!

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing In Its Primitive Times

I had a busy day one day and was tired and had to ride 60 km go to my home on my Motor Bike. Off Course I did have a 350cc Royal Enfield bike about which I was very proud of then. But doing this very often was not some thing that I liked and was looking for other ways of making money. I did come across some products on the internet. But in those days our internet was in its primitive stage and was very difficult to even open a website. But then seed was planted in me to some day get me in to internet marketing. Perhaps it was 20 years ago then and now we have broad band and internet is a common media to millions of people. Those days I had to pay to send an email. Now it is almost as if it is free to have internet. In some coffee shops Internet is provided free of cost.

My First Steps In Internet Marketing

As I had mentioned in my earlier post my first attempt at Internet Marketing was a push button cash site that never worked for me. I was then totally novice to internet marketing and had to learn about

  • Domain
  • Web hosting
  • Web site
  • Word press
  • Lead capture page
  • List building
  • Key word
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google ad words
  • Google xml site map

and much more and still am learning. The main aspect in marketing is to bring the product and the customer together. We can never make a customer buy any thing from us, we can only take him/her to the product. People just don’t buy anything from anyone. But when they are geared up to succeed in some thing and are desperate they’ll surely go for it.  For a hungry person any food will do as long as it is edible. If they are  not hungry they become choosy with what they want to eat.  So are the buyers on the net. So step by step we’ll need to feed them with information and make them hungry for our product make feel the need of our product.

Wants Of People Change All The Time!

My first car was a 2nd hand car, then I upgraded to a better 2nd hand car and from there up graded to cheapest but new car and there is no end to, what I will buy, as I grow in stature and comfort. A good keyword research especially a long tailed key word can identify such people of different stature and desires and put before them the right product they are looking for.

Choosing a domain name

A person wanting to house train his new pet will use the key world “house train”  in his search and probably land at rather than This is how the Domain name that we choose comes in to play. Search engines should show our website to the person who is searching for our product. Google has the best keyword tool and I was simply amazed to see how it works and gives us the data in different formats, in whichever way we want. A search on the google for keyword tool will take us there and it not difficult to figure out how to go about with that tool. Google keeps changing their algorithms and I wouldn’t advice any one to buy any of those keyword tool that are available in the market. I did buy a few and they have gone obsolete.

internet marketing

Start Your Journey Using Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products is the easiest and the best to begin with. Places like clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon, Ebay and some places where one can find affiliate products. As you tread along In due coarse you will find even more places where you can find affiliate offers.  When every I see a product while browsing and think it would be a good product to sell and would like to become their affiliate  I go down to the bottom of that sales page and invariably there I’ll find  the Affiliates button. Every marketer want affiliates to promote their products.  Whenever you are ready with a product to sell on the net and if you need help just contact me.

All internet marketers must build a list as that becomes the wealth that they build on the net. So capture you leads by sending them to a squeeze page get them sign up for some free stuff and then send them to the affiliate product sales page. Otherwise you’ll only helping the product owner to build his customer list. All the best to you in your adventure to build your internet empire with affiliate marketing.

Internet Marketing

A Desire To Succeed as an Internet Marketer!

Just the Mention of  Internet Marketing, puts off majority of people!

Show upI like this little poster and that is why I put it. That is a big motivator to me.  With out motivation no one moves forward. this article I am writing is to make you understand that if you set your mind to do any thing you will succeed.

Well coming to the point even with the advancement of internet and its producing many successful internet marketers, just the mention of  internet marketing puts majority of people off. People look satisfied to hold a job that pays them monthly. They go about cribbing about their job all the time dissatisfied as many of their needs are not met. They are not free to do what they want to and are controlled by their employers. Coming out and trying something new on the internet is something they don’t want to do. People have to first want a better life style and freedom to do what they want all the time. They should understand Internet as a platform for success. More than 3 billion people do some thing with the Internet on a daily basis.

The problem is not the internet or the product but YOU!

There are many extremely successful Internet Marketers I know. But I find more who have failed, trying to do Internet Marketing. The problem is not the internet or the product that they chose. It is because they failed in performing the tasks they are supposed to do on a consistent basis. They don’t perform and conclude that internet marketing won’t work. I was there in that same boat until recently, until I discovered that I should make a plan to work with. Having a plan makes me do my job as a regular job where I am my own boss as an entrepreneur  . As my own boss I have learn to be strict with my self.

Having too many products and offers in my hand I found it difficult to follow a  plan. So I decided to abandon all of them but one. I chose All In One Profits to work with.

Surely Push Button Cash Sites Don’t Work!

Surely by pushing a button no one can make money. I fell for one to begin my career as an internet marketer. I did learn a lot from that, like never to trust such offers was the first and most valuable lesson. It did have some learning material and I did learn how to build a word press based website and optimize it for the search engines to come etc. After realizing push button cash sites don’t work looked for other products on the net  got into many other products. They all sounded good. It is some time very hard to resist from those who are masters in enticing people to purchase their product. One of them from where I really learned a lot is Google Sniper. It taught me how to build a word press based niche websites. I did well to begin with and I was getting plenty of website visitors. Their SEO training is very good. When something new happens immediately their leaders would make new videos to teach new technique. I failed not because Google Sniper failed, but because I was inconsistent with my efforts, and jumped from there to different programs and lost track of what I was doing.

Almost all programs out there in the market are good. We fail because of our own short comings. This I realized and decided to just work on one of them. I chose All In One Profits because that provided me with all the tools that I need to promote whatever I need to promote for just 11 dollars  50 cents. It is global and has all the tools that I need. The best part is just with one sale it becomes FREE for me. Yes you read it right, they pay out 100% commission.

Desire to succeed is the Key!

So it is not my skill or how intelligent I am that enables me to pursue this, but it is my desire to succeed that is behind my doing all this. So if you do all the right promotions irrespective of what the program is you will succeed.  Do it with all your mind and soul and see how success will come after you. All the best. If you liked my blog and need to know anything more just put in your comment and  I’ll get in touch with you.

There are just 2 to 3% people out there on the net who are successful. So if you want to learn how to go about don’t, please do not listen to the advice of the 97% of people out there,  who for sure will never succeed. Not every one did climb Mount Everest. Only a handful who were willing to take all the hardship that goes with it have reached the top. There only intention was to reach the top and they did it. So can you only  if you are willing to do all that you need to do. So set yourself a goal and go for it. It is not easy but it is doable. All the best.

For Internet Marketing Success, Network With People!

Internet marketing and network marketing

3d small people holding hands in the word "team". 3d image. Isolated white background.To succeed in Internet marketing you need to build a network of people. And to build a network of people and succeed in internet marketing we need to find people who are  having the same kind of dream  and passion as you are having. Network marketing is not new and has been in existence for quite some time now, be it online of offline.

Some people have been extremely successful in building a network, whereas the others have failed miserably. Without a network of people network marketing cannot function and those people who have failed have failed because that couldn’t build a network or they didn’t know how to go about building a network of people.

The first ingredient to succeed in building a network of people is to have burning desire embedded in their belief system in achieving their goal.

Have Goal and A Desire to Achieve – Success Will Follow

When I fell in love with my love, I couldn’t wait the hours’ that I had to wait, till I could see her the next time. My mind was always thinking about her. I was always thinking about the ways I could make this time for waiting a little shorter. Such was the desire to get her and eventually after three  years I was able to marry her and now it is 35 long years since I married her and I am still in love with her.

So is with anything that anyone would want to get or achieve in life. In this case it is internet marketing and we are going to network with people and do marketing.

A burning desire wanting to achieve or to gain, becomes the driving force in building a strong network of people to achieve the goals. A burning desire is the first ingredient towards achieving success.

Once this (the burning desire to succeed) is in place rest of it  just falls in place. But it is always conditional. Your focus has to always be on your goal. Very often people are attracted to other shiny objects on their road to reach their designated goal.  After that another and another and so on they sight many shiny objects and they loose site of their first love. These people can never win.

Have An Unshakable Trust In What You Believe!

So begin with an unshakable trust and faith in what you have started or want to do. Keep that as your focus point all the time. It  is very important to sustain the interest until you reach your desired goal. Your sustained interest will drive you to do whatever it takes to  succeed and keep you going for long years.

If you think you can and want to work with me, or if you think it will be good to team up with me, please accept my FREE Gift, my first ever eBook on 5 tools you must have to succeed on line. CLICK HERE

Building A Down Line Is A Must!

Build a Down Line!

Building a list of Subscribers is the key to Success in Internet Marketing. How do I build a list? How do I go about it? These are all questions they arise when we think of building a list. One easy way is to give away some stuff of good value in exchange for their name and email address. If you are not the reading kind you can avail my book by clicking here

You’ll do it by using an autoresponder. What is an autoresponder?  Click Here my friend has done a good job explaining with what an autoresponder is.

Real Viral Traffic at!

I have been trying to do internet marketing for quiet some time now with out much success and have exhausted all my chances with my friends and relatives in so many of my prier failed attempts to build a home businesses and now when they they see me from far they start to avoid me. I usually go with some sort of offer that can bring them the financial freedom. All that I tried earlier never worked for me or for the few who believed in me and joined my offer.

 Internet Marketing! Many of them do work!

That does not mean the offer was bad, it is just that we did not do the right things in the right way. In most of those with which I could not succeed many others have succeeded and are successful making a lot of money. But I failed and those who joined under me too failed along with me.

Why it didn’t work for us when it is working for so many? I don’t know if I can give a strait answer for a question like that. There are so many things involved in making any business successful. Most of those in the market have a story like mine and come to conclusion that Internet Marketing does not work or it is not for them. I don’t know if there is any one in the world who is successful today has never failed in the past. At every failure as Edison says we learn that, that method or experiment does not work.

The truth is Internet Marketing works!

The truth is Internet Marketing works and many people have succeeded and are continuing to make plenty of money by leveraging the more than 3 billion internet users. So I am still at it and will be at it till I get to earn from the internet. In the process I have begun to build my self the tools that are necessary to build me a list and some of them will become my down line in my MLM businesses.

To begin with I have written my first ever eBook on how one can automate all the works involved in Internet  marketing. The title is the “Five Must have Tools That Any Internet Marketer Needs”

Please Click Here and avail a free copy for yourself.

A useful tip :Right click the link above and opt for “open link in a New Tab” and you can continue to stay in this site.

Making Money with Internet Marketing.

Making Money has been my Profession

Making money has been my profession ever since I completed my Bachelors’ degree in Architecture. Be patient and know what I have to say. I studied Architecture so that I can get a good job and earn a living. But I am not that kind who wanted a job and so thought of setting up my architectural practice and very soon I learnt that it was not the right thing to do. But then what else to do, it was driven deep in my head by the society I live in, that having studied Architecture I have to make my living as an architect. I love architecture and would have loved to practice it as a hobby. I didn’t want to corrupt that noble art for the sake of money. But I had to and continued with it, and that got me nowhere. Sure I survived practicing Architecture got myself all the comforts that I needed. But that didn’t satisfy me.

Internet Marketing Can Set Me Free

Church At Guntur
A design of mine soon to be constructed. This church is to seat 10000

I like to be free to do what I want to and be where ever I want to be. The buildings that I did, did give me satisfaction when I saw its outcome. But all through my mind was always in the look out to find another root and escape from the present scenario. Internet attracted me and I know there are many people out there living the life of their dreams using the internet and the latest technology. Even I wanted to find my niche and live that kind of life they are living.

I have tried plenty of stuff and have jumped from program to program unable to sell any stuff success seemed impossible. I realized that I need to find a good product from a good company and stick with it till I succeed. Here I am not alone. I have come across many who have had dreams like me and gone through all that I had gone through and now they do not believe Internet marketing works and are skeptical even if some thing free comes their way. It is really a Herculean task to make them pull out of their wallet and extend their credit card.

The Numerous MLM Offers

There are a numerous MLM offers these days from veteran marketers offering signups and referrals with their offers. Some others are guarantying signups with their offers using proven companies with good standing like National Wealth Center, Pure Leverage, Four Corners, and many many such good MLM offers out there in the internet.

However good the product and compensation plan is, it is not easy to get people to sign up easily. It is no more selling products but is selling ourselves.  Building up relationship with them before attempting to sell any thing has to be the way that will lead you to sales. The people are so well informed and information is at their finger tips. So it is a big struggle to find people and to make them to buy anything. For those who have a mailing list and have been in constant communication with their list, selling is just a cake walk.

So it is very essential to build first a mailing list.

The easiest way to get your list is to give away some thing in exchange for their name and email id. I used “All in one profits” for some time to build my list, a platform with fantastic products like premium web hosting, professional auto responders, great splash page builder, a very high quality ad tracker, and many more great things that any one will need to build an online business.  Their compensation plan is the best and next to none. But I found it really difficult to get people to sign up even for this.  When it comes to paying people generally shy away. I’ll encourage the reader to go in here and have a look at AllInOneProfirts.

Anything free makes things easy.  What ever I am writing now, I can put it up in PDF and offer it as a free report on how to make money, in exchange for their Name and email ID. To give a product even if it is for free we need to send information to people and make them know that such and such a product is available for free. That is getting our product out in traffic. So we put up that information using a splash page or a squeeze page.  Here are some examples  and you can click on them and see if you wish.

You’ll get an Idea of what a splash page is and what it does. It is mainly to capture name and email id of people who are interested in products that we are trying to sell.

There is a saying among the internet marketers that money is in the list. There are people who just send a mail with some affiliate product to their list to pay up their mortgage, EMI, and their other expenses. So I am on the trip of building a list and am slowly but steadily building my list. As the saying goes the slow and the steady win the race I am inching towards my goal.

See you in my next post


Internet Marketing The Way To Go!

Why am I making this Internet Marketing blog for the umpteenth time?

Well I’ve been trying to build my self a business on the net now for a long time and am in utter confusion.  What to do and where to begin has now become my dilemma every day. I know internet is where one can build a fortune in a very short span of time and I sure want to have my share of it as soon as possible, so with out giving up on my failures I want start all over again and that is why I am starting a new blog as a startup.

I do know about what happens in the internet marketing world. Everyday when  I open my mail I am bombarded with a ton of mails and everyone of them are offering some thing or the other that promises to take me to where I will be a millionaire. I know some of them are genuine and many others are not.

The genuine ones  can really help any one build a good and successful business on the internet provided we stick to it and do all that they tell you to do. Overnight success don’t come we need to do all that is needed to do and wait patiently. But there are too many of them programs out there on the internet and you don’t know which one to believe. I did buy some fake ones and lost plenty of money. The fake ones generally claim that every thing is automated here and you will not have to do any thing at all. Just join and your PayPal or whichever bank account associated with it will get flooded with dollars.

There is a lot of work to be done before any one can make any money with Internet Marketing. Just because it is on the internet the business model is in no way different from the conventional business model. You need to put up the stall and wait for people to come and see what you have to offer. It is just that your reach on the internet is world wide and the growth potential is enormous.

Which ever product you choose to go with for success you need to bring in traffic and two main sources to bring in traffic are Traffic Exchanges and Safe lists.  You will need to spend plenty of time and money to achieve the desired results of making a passive income. I joined plenty of traffic exchanges and safe-lists to begin with but found it very difficult to consistently be at it especially when it comes to safe-lists. Then I found Mailer Ninja and with that Safe list mailing became easy.

I will be covering all my experiences with internet marketing with out much success till date. Just because I did not succeed dose not me that business on the internet or put it other way internet marketing does not work. It works very well and I will have to really crack the code and get successful.