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Your Initial Steps in Internet Marketing!

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing In Its Primitive Times

I had a busy day one day and was tired and had to ride 60 km go to my home on my Motor Bike. Off Course I did have a 350cc Royal Enfield bike about which I was very proud of then. But doing this very often was not some thing that I liked and was looking for other ways of making money. I did come across some products on the internet. But in those days our internet was in its primitive stage and was very difficult to even open a website. But then seed was planted in me to some day get me in to internet marketing. Perhaps it was 20 years ago then and now we have broad band and internet is a common media to millions of people. Those days I had to pay to send an email. Now it is almost as if it is free to have internet. In some coffee shops Internet is provided free of cost.

My First Steps In Internet Marketing

As I had mentioned in my earlier post my first attempt at Internet Marketing was a push button cash site that never worked for me. I was then totally novice to internet marketing and had to learn about

  • Domain
  • Web hosting
  • Web site
  • Word press
  • Lead capture page
  • List building
  • Key word
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google ad words
  • Google xml site map

and much more and still am learning. The main aspect in marketing is to bring the product and the customer together. We can never make a customer buy any thing from us, we can only take him/her to the product. People just don’t buy anything from anyone. But when they are geared up to succeed in some thing and are desperate they’ll surely go for it.  For a hungry person any food will do as long as it is edible. If they are  not hungry they become choosy with what they want to eat.  So are the buyers on the net. So step by step we’ll need to feed them with information and make them hungry for our product make feel the need of our product.

Wants Of People Change All The Time!

My first car was a 2nd hand car, then I upgraded to a better 2nd hand car and from there up graded to cheapest but new car and there is no end to, what I will buy, as I grow in stature and comfort. A good keyword research especially a long tailed key word can identify such people of different stature and desires and put before them the right product they are looking for.

Choosing a domain name

A person wanting to house train his new pet will use the key world “house train”  in his search and probably land at rather than This is how the Domain name that we choose comes in to play. Search engines should show our website to the person who is searching for our product. Google has the best keyword tool and I was simply amazed to see how it works and gives us the data in different formats, in whichever way we want. A search on the google for keyword tool will take us there and it not difficult to figure out how to go about with that tool. Google keeps changing their algorithms and I wouldn’t advice any one to buy any of those keyword tool that are available in the market. I did buy a few and they have gone obsolete.

internet marketing

Start Your Journey Using Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products is the easiest and the best to begin with. Places like clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon, Ebay and some places where one can find affiliate products. As you tread along In due coarse you will find even more places where you can find affiliate offers.  When every I see a product while browsing and think it would be a good product to sell and would like to become their affiliate  I go down to the bottom of that sales page and invariably there I’ll find  the Affiliates button. Every marketer want affiliates to promote their products.  Whenever you are ready with a product to sell on the net and if you need help just contact me.

All internet marketers must build a list as that becomes the wealth that they build on the net. So capture you leads by sending them to a squeeze page get them sign up for some free stuff and then send them to the affiliate product sales page. Otherwise you’ll only helping the product owner to build his customer list. All the best to you in your adventure to build your internet empire with affiliate marketing.

Internet Marketing

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