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Know Me?

My Name is Jasper Dawson, originally an architect by profession but now also an Internet Marketer. My architecture website is
I am fascinated by the internet and I spend considerable amount of my spare time browsing the net. In the process I got interested in internet marketing and picked up a little word press and a bit of HTML  I also build simple websites using WordPress and HTML. This website was made by me. I am working on becoming  a full time Internet Marketer.
I work only on things I like (I’ve always been like that) so that I’ll never get bored and there is so much to learn from the internet and work on. If left with a computer and a good internet connection I’ll always find some thing to do as there is so much one can do on the internet. Internet marketing fascinates and am building some niche affiliate marketing  website. I get my hosting and all the tools that I need from “All In One Profits” (AIOP) a Multilevel marketing (MLM) company. I have managed to find a few team members and this service is completely free for me.
I am married to Shyama for now 37 years and we have three children David, Lydia and Rachael. My aim is to take my whole family on exotic vacations.
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