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How to Make Prospect Take Action?

Things you need to take note of in marketing!

Marketing as all of us know happens between a seller and a buyer. Some time the buyer goes in search for the product and finds a seller and the sale happens at once they meet. But this isn’t the scene all ways. The seller is making all the effort to showcase their product and here lots of convincing is necessary before the sale takes place. All the effort is to make prospect take action.

It is very essential to identify the prospect’s problem first and then give them your solution.  Like you’ll need a drill only when you want to make a hole somewhere. It is need based  and only those who want to make a hole will want a drill and will search on the net for a drill. Simply no one will by a drill because it has good features and because it looks good. Buying a drill is a solutions in making holes in the wall or where ever.  So their search will focus not on the quality of the drill by can be “how to make a hole on the wall or on a steel beam or on a log of timber etc.

So when you want to sell any thing we need to know how our product can help any one solve their problem. We need to  focus on people’s needs and give them solutions that solve their problems.

Here are 5 points to take note!

  • Find a way to Elevate their problem and get them to agree on our solutions to their problem.
  • Give them proof as to how some other’s  problem got  solved with our solution. The inbuilt herd mentality in humans don’t want to be experimented upon, so they look for proof.
  • Too many choice can at time confuse them and it would be beneficial to just have two with one basic and the other premium. For all you know they may select the premium.
  • Be honest and tell about the product in full detail and give clear instructions as to what is expected of them and how they can fair.
  • You can offer a free bonus with their purchase if it is bought today. Give them a sense of urgency.

This is where almost all network marketers fail. Instead of caring for their prospects’ needs, they try to sell their prospects their products and services.

No one  likes any thing sold to them!

In reality no one, not even me will like any thing to be sold to them. They actually get repulsive when some thing is being sold to them. If we can identify their problem and help them in solving it with our product they will give any prize to buy it. We’ve got to explain how our product can solve their problem, and once they are convinced with out product they’ll right away  buy our product.

We must show the connection between how our product or service will fill their needs. (if it is about make a hole show them how neatly our drill can help them make the hole)

Be brutally honest … nobody likes to be “sold”… do they?

Do you?

Of course not …

So let me ask you a question …

How effective are you in showing your prospects or customer that that by buying your product or joining you taining program, their biggest needs will be met?

Remember we must prompt our prospect to take some kind of action … perhaps it’s to watch an online presentation, or attend a conference call.

How effective is your marketing to get prospects to take action?

Obviously … No Marketing = No Sales

Do you understand that ineffective marketing equals ineffective sales?

You may be under the false assumption that you don’t need to know anything about sales or marketing.  If that’s the case, write this down …

Key Point – “One critical key to our ability to generate residual income is our ability to generate ‘effective marketing”.

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