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6 Aspects Common In Internet Marketing And Love!

Compare Love With Internet Marketing!

Truthfully I can say that I have had a great life from the time I was born till date and I am now nearly 70 years old. I’ve had great parents and living now with a great wife.

I met my wife when I was 29 and am married to her for the last 37 years and I am still very much in love with her in the same way as I was earlier. I could say that it has grown even more from what it was. My church members call us evergreen, love birds etc. There are no 100% perfect relationships and I cant claim ours as a perfect one either. We do have our shortcomings but come what may we never gave up on each other. If there were problems we sat discussed and resolved them.

What relevance this has got to do with “Internet Marketing”? Why am I mentioning here about my love for my wife and her love for me? I find certain aspects similar in both Internet marketing and Love between a  couple. In both cases without passion nothing is achieved.  Our marriage worked out very well for us because we both were passionate about each other and we never let that passion die down. We expressed our love to each other almost every day. Even if I had to go out on work and wouldn’t see her for a few days I’d call and tell her that I love her. I often got her flowers when I got back home. The look on her face when she receives the flowers I give her is all worth the trouble that I took to get those flowers. She too equally reciprocated expressing her love for me.

Let us take Push Button Cash Site as My Case Study.

Let me explain, my journey with Internet Marketing started with the product that promised the whole world and was called push button cash site. Their squeeze page and advertisement read “all done for you business and all you’ll have to do is  just push the button and money will just fill your PayPal account. All I had to do was to buy the product, follow the instructions and set up my website and watch money just flowing. Articles were meant to fill the website post automatically with tons of people visiting my site all the time. I had to sit and watch money fill up my coffers in automation. Ha ha how lovely!

I was attracted toward that offer and you must have guessed it right. That business did not work. How can any business thrive with out any work put in from our side.  I got so excited and went through all the steps to set up my website called “”. That site does not exist any more. It was like going on in a honey moon I guess. You don’t really see the deeper problems then when you are on a honeymoon.I exactly did what was told to me and developed a good looking website and I felt accomplished.

Next thing I knew was Google black listed my site for all the pirated articles that the software put in there. I was suppose to spin it and correct it and then put up that article there. But google got too smart and refused to let me in ad-words. I was supposed to make money with google ad-words.

But I never gave up and I am still determined even after so many years of trying. I thought to put down my experiences on this blog of mine if it could be of any use for the readers who are venturing into internet Marketing. I still hold the web hosting service that I bought then, and this website is hosted there. What went wrong was my desire. I thought of only making money and not the business as such. I realized later to succeed in business I need to build it with people in mind as to how beneficial it will be for them. What value am I imparting? Will they be willing to do business with me in future? etc etc.

Six Common Aspects In Love and Business.

  • Nothing Can Succeed Without Desire
  • Build on that desire and be passionate about it
  • Take action and express that desire
  • Nurture that desire with everything you have!
  • Remove all that is negative and keep moving forward.
  • Reap all the fruit of what you have built and relax

Nothing Can Succeed Without Desire

Now how does love relate with Internet marketing, (or any business). With out the desire, nothing ever got started. Desire comes out of a need and the need to build a business is basically making money. It is not for any thing else but to make money. Let that truth sink deep in the reader if his/her desire is to build a business. But know that all businesses with focus only on money have always failed miserably. But businesses with a focus on service to the community and adding value in people’s lives have always grown. Desire for the thing that you love and desire for it with all you heart and mind and soul. Give it al that yo have that nothing can detract you.

Build On That Desire And Be Passionate About It!

To consummate, the business needs to generate money. So selection of your business should be some thing that interests you and bring out the passion within you. It is true and statistics prove that no other business has brought out millionaires in this world in such a short time like  internet marketing business. Our desire and aim should be to become the next internet millionaire. Believe me it is not easy and it has its own struggles and short comings. But the good news is, it is possible and we shall over come. Keep the desire alive to  steer you to become the next internet millionaire. So will you keep the desire alive in both love and business?

Take Action And Spell Out That Desire In Words!

Any one can become a millionaire businessman in so many ways but easiest and legitimate of them all I know for sure is, Internet marketing. So I’ll go for it and will advice any one to go for it. With all the advancement in the internet marketing world it is advisable to have a look into it and take a plunge.

Well, desire as we discussed earlier is so basic for any startup and there is nothing wrong in any one having such desires.  In fact it is a natural instinct, built in every human being to become wealthy and prosperous. But remember that there are no short cuts to the reach to the top, but there are smart ways to reach the top and Internet marketing surely is the best bet. So nurture the desire within you with the right kind of inputs like pruning and manure etc. There is a lot of learning and applying to be done also.  You should be willing to give every thing within your capacity to make it successful. You need to make the world know that you have a business like this etc and all this does not come with out learning.

If it is just infatuation Love does not last but if infatuation leads to true love that love ends up in a successful marriage. It is the same with any business so your passion for business should grow to the state of true love. Be articulate about small achievements and keep looking for new ideas all the time.

Nurture That Desire With Every Thing You Have!

I still hold the web hosting service that I bought then, and this website is hosted there. What went wrong is my desire, my desire was to make money and not to build a business that will eventually make the money for me. What I am trying to say here is. I tried all quick fix solutions and they never worked. Here and there I did see some successes but nothing significant enough for me to talk about. Now I am on the job of  blogging, list building, Niche websites marketing etc. I am trying to do one at a time. I don’t have much time and with the time I’ve got with me I am trying all that I can to bring success to my venture in Internet marketing.

Remove all that is negative and keep moving forward!

I wouldn’t say that was all wasted effort as that whole exercise helped me to learn about domain name, web hosting, auto-reponder, word press. word press plugins, SEO, etc and much more. I did buy product after product and struggled through all of them. I kept learning with every blow I got but never would give up. The desire to succeed here over powered all my failures and I kept going.  On the net I’ve met guys like Matt Lloyd, Anik Singal, Alex Jeffery, Frank Salinas, Jeremy Kennedy many others who all have made it really big and am convinced that this is where I’ve got to be. Nothing should stop me from reaching where I want to go. I am on track and am filled with all the knowledge that I had gathered in all the years of my trying Internet marketing that is required to reach where I want to be and will be soon. Now with what ever spare time I get from my architectural practice I build websites and am learning new ways to drive traffic to them. One thing I am convinced is to go for solo ads from reliable vendors and build a list and sell to the list all that I want to. They will become my loyal customers.

Reap All The Fruit Of Your Labour!

As I said earlier I am married to Shyama for the past 37 years and going strong. Now we have three grand children and I can see blessings flowing my way all the time. It is reaping time for me in my married life. I am not far from my harvest from internet marketing. My desire is to work any time from anywhere  in the world so that I can do the minimal effort and travell the world with my beautiful wife Shyama.

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