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Your 5 Baby Steps To Affiliate Marketing?

Make a Dependable and Recurring Income with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s product and earning a commission. You make an agreement with a seller to sell their product and get a commission for each sale or the service you provide them. There are people leading a comfortable life just with affiliate marketing. There are many places you can find digital and physical products to sell as an affiliate. The most popular ones for digital products I know of is Click Bank and JVZoo and for physical products Amazon and Ebay.

Lets us say you have a product of your own. You can put it up for sale in JVZoo or Click Bank platforms to help promote and sell your product using all the seller and affiliate community. And this community is  growing by thousands every day and you can manage to get a lot of exposure for your product turning in to sale . You need to take care that your product is worth the money that they are paying for. In the long run it your reputation that brings you the millions.

You can enjoy the fellowship of  these communities of sellers and affiliates of JVZoo and Click bank, Linkshare, Commission Junction etc when you use their platforms to sell your own products. So if you want to really make it big you to make your own product and promote them using these platforms. These platforms already have a lot of affiliates enrolled who are always looking for new good products to sell. If a 100 affiliates are able to sell to even just 10 people that will amount to 1000 sales.

Everyone are not capable of making their own product as they begin their journey. But anyone can learn and start being an affiliate and sell products that are available in these platforms. You need to learn to selecting a product, and  know how to go about selling and making money. Once you are successfully selling, put down your experiences on a book and that will be your first original product to sell.

If you are not comfortable creating your product still you can put down your experience and ask some one else to write the book for you. There are sites like “” where you can find people to do this for you. You can even buy the re-branding rights to a product tweak it to make it look original and re-brand it with your name and sell it. You can even find wp plugin, a software, a training program that you can rebrand.

How to promote the product and get sales is the most important aspect to any business. There is a learning curve and as long as you keep your focus victory is for sure. There is no limits in how many products you can have and sell on these platform. Once you get the hang of creating products you’ll rule the wold.

You would have seen a scenario where you see a product that is for sale and if you buy or decline to buy product, you’ll immediately see another more attractive offer than the previous one and like that one after the other many more enticing you to buy their product. In between all this they even might have got your name and email by offering you a free product. Later they will bother you with a series of emails offering you their other products.

To succeed online you’ll need to have all these arranged for yourself. You’ll need to do all that you can to showcase your product. You might be wondering how the hell am I going to learn and arrange all my products like this. There are many video lessons in the YouTube showing you how to do all this. If you are planning to join the JVZoo platform you’ll be led through the process and you’ll be delighted you joined JVZoo.

Any business is selling products and receiving money for the same. You’ll have to learn how to sell your products, create sales funnels and make arrangement for you to receive and make online payments. There are bound to be cancellations and in that case you’ll have to send back the money you received. To make and impact as to how confident you are about your product and how well it will serve the buyer you will sell with  a money back guarantee. And there will be cases that the buyer will return the product and as for the money back. I have myself done it a few times.

All this might be intimidating and sounding new to you. You might even be wondering if you can make it or why should I go through all this when I can start a brick and mortar traditional business. The thing is Internet has really taken the world by storm and in the next few years every thing on earth will be dependent on the net. We now are not in the early stages of Internet but in the advanced stages of the internet. Every one know about the internet with the advent of smart phones every one is hooked on to the internet in one way or the other. The risk element that was there twenty years ago has reduced to a large extent and it is really safe, easy and profitable to install and run an internet business. Finally an online business has the potential to start with low expenses with high returns.

There are more than 3 billion internet users today and all of them are buying or selling some thing or the other all the time and it is time you took a piece of that cake and make merry. If you need more information as to how to go about building your fresh internet eCommerce business please get in touch with me or leave your comment at the bottom of this article in the comments section. I’ll be delighted to help you because in teaching you I’ll learn more myself.



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